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Line roller

We start the jaw roller from the tip of the jaw and so we move it outwards towards our ears! In addition except for the forehead, it has a spectacular lifting effect that can be used on the entire face. It is also suitable for relaxing the neck muscles.

Spiky Jade roller

THE Start the spiky Jade Roller from the center of the face outwards towards the ears, if you are doing exit exercises, and if you want to achieve a lifting effect, always strive upwards, moving from the bottom up! When applied to the neck, we help remove toxins from the top down. Since wrinkles form on the forehead in both horizontal and vertical directions, it is worth doing the movements here in all directions! It can also be applied on the décolletage against easily formed wrinkles, and the various cosmetics can also be applied more thoroughly by massaging the area with a roller.

Butterfly shaped gua sha stone

THE the two peaks of a butterfly-shaped gua sha stone are perfect for massaging the neck muscles, removing the sheath; and it can also be applied to the face: one half is placed on the face and pushed outwards towards the ear for a lifting effect. Thanks to its round shape, it can be used to work around the eyebrows. With its pointed tip, you can massage the hair follicles and forehead, and you can sweep the wrinkles along the smile wrinkles with light movements.

Glass cupping

The direction is also very important for glass cuppers: move them out from the middle. It is very important that the devices are constantly moved during use so that they do not cause bruising, bleeding, use specifically with oil or serum! It is recommended to use it 1-2 times a week!

Silicone cupping

The direction is also very important for silicone cuppers: move them out from the middle. It is very important that the devices are kept moving during use to prevent bruising, bleeding, and use specifically with oil or serum. It is recommended to use it 1-2 times a week!

T-shaped roller

The right direction is very important when using the scooter! It is used from the bottom up on the cheeks for the lifting effect, and if we help the toxins to escape, we make the outgoing movements starting from the middle towards the ears. On the forehead, where wrinkles can appear both horizontally and vertically, you can move the tool in both directions, from right to left, and from bottom to top.

Eye roller

We start the eye roller out of the corner of the eye, the right direction is very important! It is advisable to put it in the refrigerator for a few hours before use, so you can get even more effective results with it.

Massage brush against hair loss

Using a circular motion, apply the massage brush to the scalp, starting from the top of the forehead, from the line of the hair.

Acupuncture scooter

The acupuncture roller can be used as a roller to work the face with scrolling movements, and the two ends can be used to press on certain points on the face, leave it for a few seconds, and release it pretty gently, thus relaxing the muscles.