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Welcome to my 21 day course!

Before we embark on our 21-day online face yoga course, I want to give you some important information that will be helpful in the next period:

  • Facial yoga should be considered like any other form of training, but here we train our facial muscles, we work with them primarily. As in the case of gym training, in this case the muscles should not be strained or suddenly overloaded. It’s worth getting to know the exercises gradually, increasing the number of repetitions once you’ve gotten into it. During the first videos, it is enough to work with 5, then 10, and over time with 15 repetitions.
  • It doesn’t matter how strongly we massage the skin. Please be careful about this too. In the first days, the movements should be softer, and then, as we progress, we can reach the already hardened area more strongly.
  • Videos also always have multiple face areas at the same time so as not to force any area too much. If you still experience pain or muscle cramps, continue to exercise carefully the next day. So gradation is very important.
  • Facial yoga is very effective in making women around the world beautify in a natural way. It is important to know that the result is not a matter of days, weeks or months of change. It has to be thought of in the long run, as it is a slow but more spectacular method. Every day, think about how much you test for yourself later on, and enjoy each time that you can deal with your facial skin so consciously and foresightedly.
  • I am sure that everyone will achieve spectacular results in 21 days, but it takes much more time and continuous practice to be satisfied with our reflection in two, three or even ten years. Everyone has to measure themselves, but I guarantee that if someone deals with their facial skin on a daily basis, it will always look much younger than their age.
  • Allow time for facial skin and muscles between exercises. If necessary, prefer to skip a day and continue the course.
  • Before starting the exercises, it is very important to cleanse the face. It is best to wash your face with water and a foam cleanser and then tone it.
  • The hygiene and grooming of the hands and nails is also important, as our hands are all the way to the facial skin.
  • Be sure to read the contraindications before starting the course!
  • If you may see any changes in your face before your face yoga, or if you have moles, rashes, or eczema, consult a dermatologist.
  • Let’s strive to be the best versions of ourselves. Let’s love ourselves, our bodies, our faces, and do the exercises with love!
  • Don’t wait for the result, enjoy every minute of the course!
  • Let’s always start the tasks with a clean face for him, for the perfect result!

Please note that by launching the course, you agree that the feedback / ratings may be used for marketing purposes.

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