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About me

I am Bulgakova Anfisa, a mother of three children. I completed my higher education in London, where I met my husband, who is a world-famous athlete. I have several businesses, and in addition to work and family, it has always been important for me to get to know beauty and the female soul more deeply.

Two years ago, I started a series of vlogs on my Instagram page in which I shared tips with women about beauty and what a woman needs to live emotionally, in harmony with herself. I think beauty begins within: if we accept ourselves, we love our face, our body, the traces of this are also manifested on our appearance. My coaching also touches on psychosomatics, i.e. it also examines physical and mental behaviors.

Within coaching, beauty coaching really started to engage me when I discovered the first wrinkle between my eyebrows, which I tried to get rid of naturally without medical aesthetic interventions, but in a totally natural way.


My commitment to beauty coaching started from a personal motivation, because after the first wrinkles appeared, I felt I had to take control of the passage of time – and by no means did I want to decide on a botox or other artificial solution right away.

I’ve heard a lot about this area before, and then I’ve gotten deeper and deeper into the subject and tried it out myself. In the sight of my eyes, the structure, texture, quality and color of my skin have completely changed in a short time; my face became more and more beautiful, the small flaws, deeper wrinkles between the eyebrows and the unevenness disappeared.

Extending my own experience, I enrolled in a Russian beauty academy that specializes in this field, where I was able to learn from well-known representatives from seven different disciplines dealing with facial structure. From the end of the course, I have a Master of Face Yoga qualification as a beauty coach. We also work with energy in Face Yoga, so the effect of the exercises can be enhanced. It doesn’t matter how we touch our faces and what kind of energy we transfer: as in healing, energy plays a big role here.


















Watching my introductory video may involve data charges from your telephone company.


There are hardly any women over the age of thirty today, who would not have some kind of beauty intervention or would not want to get rid of wrinkles in a very quick way, through different cosmetic interventions. In the meantime I think it’s also worth learning the natural way of using our hands or different type of rollers, that can help us to change our appearance and avoid any intervention with artificial and toxic materials or fillers.

More and more people are starting to say no to toxic substances in beauty care, and many are taking it upon themselves to maintain their beauty exclusively in a natural way through muscle relaxation and muscle strengthening. Pro-ageing is a new, revolutionary approach to the world of beauty care,with a greater emphasis on self-acceptance, self-love, while trying to improve the current skin condition and push out the signs of ageing exclusively in a natural way.

In my online course, I present the exercises in one video a day for 21 days that can help women maintain their natural beauty for decades. If women incorporate the acquired knowledge into their daily routine, each day they can do it for their own beauty, taking control of the passage of time.

There is also the option of personalized, online counseling, and if your skin problem goes beyond the scope of beauty coaching, I will also help you find the perfect professional help.



Wrinkles between the eyebrows

We help the bone below the eyebrows and the area between the eyes with the massage movements developed for it, by pinching the skin. In the highlighted area, we can eliminate the wrinkles between the striking eyebrows by moving the muscles around the eyes.

Wrinkles around the eyes

Thanks to the exercises, sagging eyelids, magpies under the eyes, dark circles and bloating disappear.

Wrinkles with smiles

Exercises will make the smile wrinkle less noticeable, wrinkle depth will be reduced, blood circulation will be revived, and the supply of oxygen to the muscles and skin will be improved, giving it a natural, healthy look.

Wrinkles around the mouth

Over time, the mouth becomes thinner and smaller wrinkles form around the mouth. Exercises help blood flow so that a fuller shape can be regained and wrinkles will be less visible.


We learn to move not only our face, but also the area around our ears, it has several useful benefits. There are life points on the ear that can be used to start the whole body, massaging the points on the ear and behind it can help against hair loss, among other things.


When the masticatory muscles are connected, a lot of processes stop, the blood flow does not get to the right places. The relaxation of the muscles also has a positive effect on the area around the mouth, the tightness and stiffness of the face disappears. Relaxing the masticatory muscles can also relieve chronic ear infections.


The first signs of skin aging appear where the skin is thinnest: such as the neck and décolleté. The muscles here should not be forgotten either, as they give the firmness and tone of the skin. Hydration is also very important in these areas and should not be missed.

Lymphatic massage

It starts to affect the whole body if we start the morning with a series of exercises. Our face will be much fresher, fresher, and all the toxins that need to leave will be removed. Morning bloating also disappears nicely from the face.


The fixed eyebrows and frowns leave marks on the skin, but there are a number of exercises that can work wonders here as well. Smaller and larger wrinkles on the forehead can also be helped.

My courses


Individual consultation package (online):

  • 1.5 hour online consultation
  • Presentation of an adapted series of exercises
  • Joint practice
  • During the consultation, a video will be made, to which I will provide access

21-day facial massage course

The online course consists of 21 videos, with a lesson every day in which we can learn the technique of facial massage.


21-day facial massage course (gift certificate)

Give a facial massage course to your loved ones, colleagues and friends! Perfect gift idea for ladies. The online course consists of 21 videos, with a lesson every day in which we can learn the technique of facial massage.

You said about the course …



Dear Anfisa!

I’m so glad I found your side, you were already sympathetic to the beauty apollo on the TV show. As soon as your program came out, I was shopping for it in the first few days and I was excited every day about what the tasks would be like. Already after 4-5 days I felt my skin want to care, it was much better to look in the mirror in the morning. The course is super well structured, when I have more shape I focus more on 1-2 areas, but if I only have 10-15 minutes I do some more complex exercises that cover all areas.

Stretching in the morning has become a daily routine, after waking up every morning I do the neck-back stretch so the day starts much better. I often use your stretching videos even after a workout. I tried a lot of cosmetics, cheap drags but I didn’t really find what I needed. The creams couldn’t be absorbed normally. Regular massage has made my face much softer and smoother, now the oils are also fully absorbed. I didn’t understand at the beginning of the course what made your skin move so much, I had that I couldn’t pinch my forehead and eyebrows. Then as the days went by my skin became more and more flexible and I could move it much easier already. Now, after a month, I hardly use a primer to make my skin more uniform.

I feel so much better in my skin, my face doesn’t look tired, and my posture has improved a lot. Not only physically but also mentally I spend 10-15 minutes a day in the morning and in the evening what I do with myself. I highly recommend this program to everyone, much cheaper than any cosmetic treatment. You present the tasks accurately and patiently, you explain everything kindly, the whole atmosphere is absolutely reassuring. I trust that many women, girls, moms will be as “together” with themselves as you are, setting a great example.



Thank you very much it was very good! I hope to be able to look back at the 21-day course for another 3 months, because I’ve memorized a lot of it, but it will be more accurate if I watch it. I’ll send a signal back soon after. I still have problems with acne one day after massaging the next day. It will be around the forehead and eyes, which I will pay much more attention to afterwards because there is really a lot to beautify in this area as well.



I really liked the course, I didn’t regret for a moment that I “invested in my face”! I liked all the exercises, I can hardly choose from them 🙂 Although I am young, I am motivated by curiosity and prevention rather than repairing the wrinkles that have already formed, but I am very happy that I have completed the course! I have received all the help in the future to deal with myself and my face, to prevent wrinkles from forming! In addition, the relaxations on the back and neck and the correct posture come to mind several times during the day, I try to pay much more attention to these!

Thanks!!! 🙂



I’m so glad I did it all the way through, I felt the effects after just a few days and since then, like when I exercise, I just feel tighter. And right after the exercises, I love the tingling sensation. I look forward to the tools exercises as well. Not by the way, Anfisa’s kind and authentic personality also adds a lot to the course. Thank you 🙂



I loved! I didn’t go through it for 21 days in a row because I really wanted to be present and pay attention, and I didn’t have the opportunity to do that every day, but these little self-care moments were very good. The exercises are definitely integrated into my daily routine! I only saw the cleansing effect from the fact that my face was very cracked in the first two weeks, but since then it has been pretty clean 🙂




The course was fantastic, I sincerely regret it. I will definitely continue because the change so far is amazing. The horizontal facial wrinkles were strongly visible on my forehead. After 1 month, they became almost imperceptible and the depth of the vertical angry wrinkle also decreased a lot. And I could list the positive changes for a long time … For so much money, I could never, anywhere, learn so much. Exercises and useful information are already built into my everyday life. I hope you can help a lot of women like me. I wish you much perseverance for all this. I want you to know that I will always be grateful to you for this opportunity.

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