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Body and face roller

13.500 Ft

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What makes the roller special is its extra spikes, which can be used to enhance the facial massage even more.

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Body and face roller

With the special, larger massage tool, you can massage not only areas of the face, but also parts of the body.
Used on the face, the tool is launched from the centre outwards, then massaged downwards through the neck and over the shoulders, increasing lymphatic function and drainage.
It can be used by rolling upwards along the jawline: with regular practice, lost contour can be regained, a beautiful complexion can be created, and the skin can be tightened and rejuvenated.
Its lifting effect can also be applied to the neck: it is recommended to roll the product up and down. It can also be used on the shoulders, arms and legs: it can help tired muscles and refresh the circulation and lymphatic system.
It’s also worth trying on the stomach, as it helps the bowels to function, loosens the tightness and tightens the stomach.
You can control the intensity of the massage: stronger pressure will make the massage go deeper. The movement of the roller heads provides a complete massage, and should be used in combination with a body care product for dry skin.
Before use:
It is advisable to remove make-up, jewellery and, in the case of long hair, to keep the hair together.
After use:
It is recommended that the product is washed off with cold tap water after use, especially when used with a cream or oil! If water is spilled on the roller heads, they should be dried upside down to allow the water to drain out, and it is recommended that the product is thoroughly rinsed with a clean towel after washing.