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Day 3 – Mouth and surroundings

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Since all the muscles in our body are interconnected and affect each other, you can see in the videos that we move the back as well as the neck muscles and later the body as well! Poor posture, stiffness of the neck can cause serious problems and unpleasant symptoms, and it also affects the condition of our face: due to the binding of the muscles, the right amount of nutrients cannot get into the face, and there will be visible signs of this over time. If we want beautiful, hydrated and wrinkle-free skin, we definitely need to deal with a lot of our back and neck as well.

Please don’t forget the rest of your face today, and your neck and décolleté should not be left out of today’s series of exercises! Be sure to do them to massage your face completely!

Are you ready to take care of your back for the beauty of your face too?