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Snail gua sha

8.000 Ft

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The facial massage with gua sha is the perfect way to drain lymphatic system and water retention, to thin the face and also has a strong lifting effect.

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Snail gua sha

The body of the snail can be used as a classic gua sha: it helps to massage the area around the eyes, to drain excess fluid and also has a very strong lifting effect. The forward part of the pulley, the “feeler”, has a positive effect on the acupuncture points and also releases the trigger points. The lifting effect of this part is also significant. The biggest positive of the snail gua sha is that it helps to drain the water from the nose, it can make the swelling disappear. If this is an area of concern, it is strongly recommended to apply the snail every morning. The chin line is beautifully shaped, but it can also be used to massage the entire face. For example, it is recommended to massage the forehead in a circular motion, but it is also recommended to try it around the eyes as it helps to drain the swelling. It is also recommended to use it regularly on hair follicles: it has a positive effect on hair growth and stimulates blood circulation in the scalp.