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21-day facial massage course

15.500 Ft

The online course consists of 21 videos, with a lesson every day in which we can learn the technique of facial massage. In the course we will move all the areas, the décolletage, the neck, the whole face, the forehead and the hair follicles will take place, and we will even pay attention to our back and proper posture, as the beauty of our face depends largely on the condition of our back is.

Thanks to the easy-to-learn technique, the structure, texture, quality and color of the skin change in a short time: beauty flaws, unevenness improve, and wrinkles fade.
During the 21-day course, we learn a new set of exercises every day, and these are recommended to be repeated in the morning and evening in addition to the basic lymphatic massage we learn during the course. It is worthwhile to proceed between the exercises by performing the sequence of movements applied the previous day and the sequence of movements the next day, ie on the third day we take over the lessons learned on the second and the first day, and so on …
The goal is to incorporate the full range of exercises into our everyday lives, like brushing our teeth and applying them routinely on a daily basis to preserve our youth. If women incorporate the knowledge they acquire into their daily beauty routine, each day they can do it for their own beauty: they literally take control of the passage of time in their own hands – and knowledge will accompany them for decades!

There is also the possibility of individual, online counseling, and if you have any questions during the basic course, I will personally help you answer them in writing.

After purchasing a course, you can start the course using the “21-day course” button (located in the drop-down menu on your mobile phone) at the top of the page! Please note that in case of direct bank transfer, the course can be opened after the amount has been received or confirmed.

Please note that purchasing this course gives you 3 months access. After that, a repurchase is required!

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