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21-day facial massage course – Afterwards picture

At the end of the course, I would like to ask you to take three more photos of yourself, just like on the first day!

In order to be able to compare the initial situation with the current one as much as possible, it is important that you follow the rules again!

  1. Take a picture in natural light, without makeup and a filter!
  2. The image should have no background, if possible, stand in front of a white wall!
  3. Tie your hair back to keep your face and forehead free!
  4. It is very important that your shoulders, neck and décolleté are visible!
  5. Take a picture from the front and from both sides of your face!

The person who achieves the most spectacular change during my course will receive a fantastic Beauty Box from me as a gift! I think it’s a super motivation to do a little bit of beauty for your facial skin every day!

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