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Mother’s Day box

17.500 Ft


Happy Mother’s Day!
The Mother’s Day package includes a spiked roller and a Better Than Botox patch. Both products are specifically recommended for older women: the roller is wrinkle-relieving, while the patch helps with wrinkles at night. The package can be a very nice gift for mothers for the holidays!

Better Than Botox anti-wrinkle patch

Better Than Botox is a special patch that is applied to the face for a firming, anti-wrinkle and moisturising effect. Perfect to help reduce the number and depth of wrinkles in any area of the face. The product can be applied to different areas, such as around the eyes, along the smile lines, on the neck, forehead and cheeks. It is recommended to use the patches regularly, but the results are visible after the first application.

Zinc alloy spiked roller
What makes this roller special is its extra spikes, which can be used to enhance the facial massage. It has a stronger effect on the facial skin, drains the lymphatic system and also increases blood circulation due to the large spikes. It also has a lifting effect, and can be used to combat facial puffiness and wateriness.

Contents of the package: