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Beauty Box 3

38.000 Ft


The Cosmetic Headband is made of elastic, soft, microfiber material and has a velcro closure, so it fits perfectly into all head shapes and sizes. Not only during a facial massage, but also during make-up removal, facial cleansing or using a facial mask, we can apply it so that our hair does not hang in our face or the products do not touch the hair, thus avoiding greasing. The cosmetic headband is available in pink with gold embroidery with the inscription Anfisa Beauty.

Cupping is thought to have been used since prehistoric times, and the technique has a particularly long tradition in China. They have a number of beneficial effects: they increase blood circulation, lymphatic circulation, and the removal of toxins. They work the muscles to tighten the face. The larger glass cupping can be used primarily on the cheeks, neck area and chin line, but is equally effective against the formation of caps and relaxes muscles. The smaller product is suitable for eliminating puffiness under the eyes, draining water and against magpies.

There are several forms of gua sha, and the special feature of this product is that it has a special, spiky side in addition to the curved shapes, which can further enhance its effect. As a result, it can be used to generate blood clots very well and has an anti-wrinkle effect. The tip is well suited for shaping the chin line and scalp, it can be a solution against hair loss. The stainless steel gua sha tool rests nicely on the face so it can be massaged all over it. It can be used to drain the lymphatic system to refresh the blood circulation. The effect of lifting is also emphasized, but it is also effective against waterlogging.
Tape recommended especially for sensitive skin! The kinesio strips lift the facial muscles and when applied regularly have an amazing lifting effect. The flexible patch has a direct effect on the face, and when applied, it also affects the subcutaneous layers, muscle and total circulation. When used regularly, smile wrinkles fade spectacularly, the number of magpies is reduced, the folds between the forehead and eyebrows are lightened, and the upper eyelid can be raised. In addition, as it stimulates blood and lymph circulation, it helps remove excess fluid so you can get rid of bloating and edema.

The roller is specially designed for the line of the chin, its regular application can be used to restore the lost contour to its original shape. This is perfectly aided by the special moving heads made of rose quartz, which surround the jawbone and pinch the skin on both sides. As the roller pulls the skin up with you, the massage will be even deeper, even more intense.

Contents of the package: